You can experience 2 programs in 1 day and get 2 souvenirs,artwork and name stamp!

Japanese Calligraphy with kirakira*glitter/キラキラ書道

Experience Japanese calligraphy with glitter.
We will explain KATA and Kanji(Chinese characters).
Let's make an art work with seasonal Japanese character or Ukiyoe.
Glitter for calligraphy is a product exclusively for this atelier developed for decorating brushstrokes.

What's KATA>> This is the basic form that makes up Kanji.
Kana(Japanese characters) are made by changing the shape of Kanji.
By knowing KATA, you can make beautiful characters.

毎回季節の課題文字を決めて、”書道の型”を確認した後、自分が書きたい形、色で文字を書き、書道専用グリッターで自由に装飾します。 和歌や仮名文字にも挑戦できます。

漢字を構成する基本の形です。 たくさん種類がありますので、少しずつ習得しましょう。

Simple Seal Carving/簡易篆刻

Experience seal carving with rubber.
Let's make a signature stamp.
Seal carving is one of the fields of traditional calligraphy.

Originally, letters are carved on stone using a knife and pointed tools.
But at this atelier,you use a square rubber.
So it's safe and easy.

Originally, It is chosen auspicious or favorite words for "Inshu-in", and your name for "Rakkan-in"
.In addition, you can choose your favorite shape and pattern





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